Jay Brown

Jay Brown is a lifelong songster hailing from Birmingham, AL.  Jay has spent most of the past 20 years in the Appalachian Mountains playing with Lazybirds and earning a music therapy degree, while also recording and touring to support his solo career.  Music is a way of life for Jay, and it truly shows.  Jay demonstrates his dexterity on the guitar, harmonica, piano, and banjo.  In addition to his gift with instruments, he sings beautifully.  He has yet to make a musical sound that lacks in purity and integrity.


 James T. Browne

Lazybirds James T. BrowneJames is also from Birmingham, AL.  A grade school friend and a musical companion of Jay Brown since 1987, they moved to the northwestern region of NC together in 1993.  Here they met Mitchell Johnston and Andrew Christopher, who together founded Lazybirds in 1996.  James is a stellar drummer, who sings while drumming.  That aint easy!  He also is a solo performer, playing guitar and singing, as well as a phenomenal carpenter. 

Brad Pope

Brad was born and raised in Asheville, NC.  A lifelong immersion in the music from the mountains led him to hearing Lazybirds music along about 2001, and he was immediately hooked. He joined the band in 2017, playing tenor guitar, mandolin, and guitar. He is also a painter/artist running his PopeArt biz in his spare time, whenever he can find some of that. 


Asher Hill

Asher plays the bass, and he does it really good he also knows a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff including but not limited to, stuff. There’s stuff that he claims to know a lot about, but that’s only a facade, in that, he doesn’t know much about that stuff, but he is knowledgeable about other stuff. And he plays bass good. He joined the band in 2019.